The term Business Intelligence conceals a comprehensive approach for effective work with corporate data. Business Intelligence is not only a tool in the hands of company management which helps planning, strategic decision making and may also ensure business success, but it is also intended to identify economic solutions to uncover new business opportunities, optimization of prices, obtaining data from ERP/MRP systems to make the relevant reports or panels. A key factor in obtaining accurate outputs from BI systems are standardized data from your ERP/MRP systems.


Business Intelligence

· can be used for comprehensive enterprise reporting

· for extracting data from business systems

· to identify and eliminate inefficient business or production processes

· monitoring of the performance of obligations by your contractors

· identification of new business opportunities

· improving of inefficient processes within the company


With the solution that we supply and support, you can easily achieve faster access to business information in real time no matter where you are. You will have access to accurate data from all parts of your company. Achieve a better understanding and recognition of the problems and challenges that have an impact on your business. The result of the introduction of our solution is a shorter reaction time and certainty in decision making processes that affect you.


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