Is your motto the precision and high quality of your products in the piece, custom, short-run and mass production? Due to the complexity of process interconnections, quality of production, delivery times, flexibility and continuously necessity of introduction of automation and optimization of processes, we can help you to connect all together and track everything effectively.


Our solution for the engineering industry brings an easier implementation of automated processes into production in order to raise production possibilities throughout the enterprise. Using our software, you will be able to control the engineering, procurement, production planning and inventory in real time. We can effectively operate the flows of semi-finished production between individual operations without redundant downtimes, seeking out and most importantly, with the main goal to fulfil delivery time.


Our systems can be connected to the production facilities and optimize their use for capacity planning of production. Of course our system is fully integrated with inventory and production processes, with the import of new materials and semi-finished products to the bill of materials. Our solution also includes communication with specialized external systems and imports cutting plans for NC machines or CAD systems.




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