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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a comprehensive information system designed to efficiently manage corporate resources. ERP systems integrate all critical business processes into a single framework, which can be achieved by improving the quality and efficiency of the performance of your business. Integration concerns especially economics, human resources, logistics, warehouse management, asset management, distribution, marketing and management evaluation.


Many manufacturers of economic and accounting systems declare their ability of their products to manage production. However, users find the typical pitfalls of ERP systems originally designed for accounting – production can only be viewed in terms of financial flows and material consumption at the warehouse. Manufacturing ERP modules essentially have not a direct link to the production line or equipment and thus cannot effectively manage production, record work in process or monitor production status in real time.


That is why we offer a comprehensive coherent ERP/MRP solutions (Enterprise Resource Planning) for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises (SME) and for the international groups of groups of companies. By implementation of our solution, you will get a fully featured ERP/MRP system with capacity planning of production and you will achieve a reduction of the inventory and of the formation of excessive inventory.


Quality architecture and wide set of options allow our system to adapt to different types of companies and organizations. The solution includes all the important features for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies such as: CRM, sales, purchasing, warehousing, production technical data, planning and production, workroom management, product configurator, quality management, maintenance, after-sales service, analysis and reports.



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