Furniture production

Do you require more effective control and management of furniture manufacturing, monitoring of quality process, progress of warranty claims and reduction of costs and delivery times at once? We understand your needs, and therefore we can offer you software solutions perfectly adapted to the needs of your business.


Our software solutions are able to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing operations management, shorten production times and flawlessly handle atypical orders to the maximum satisfaction of your customers.


During implementation of our software, we set the appropriate program adjustments to ensure the effectiveness and easiness of data input into the system, to monitor individual performance in real-time production and to provide support of expedition. When entering standard and non-standard contracts you can use the automated import from existing documents or CAD systems.


We enable you to achieve maximum efficiency and perfect control in the mode of process and discrete manufacturing or a combination of both. From our experience we are aware of the circumstances relating to the cargo, stock, custom and mass production, following on production to warehouse, custom or production managed as a project.  We know your needs, so our solution provides the ways to optimally schedule production to smoothly cover the demand.


There is also a connection to external systems of material suppliers.




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