Production and

processing of plastics

Are you a manufacturer or processor of plastics? Are you dealing with every-day registration batches and serial numbers, materials, semi-finished products or lifespan of forms? We offer specialized solutions for plastics production. Our solution includes the organization of production processes from acquisition of granulate to the shipment of the finished product. Our system can also easily cope with frequent changes in catalogues of suppliers or to meet the increasing requirements for waste disposal and with integration of new environmental standards (REACH, RoHS).


Do you perceive your own production of molds as confusing and unpredictable part, regarding the costs and deadlines? We have a solution in the form of a set of tools for managing the complex project piece production.


Thanks to cooperation with us, you will be sure that your production and warehouse operations are always fully optimized. With our high performance and scalable solutions, you will get instant overview of how much time you will save during the realization of your daily tasks, everything due to a fully automated purchasing processes, centralized information system, and easier control over your inventory.





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