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Are you a manufacturer that produces specific products or extensive one-time project-based works? Do you suffer from rising operating costs, unproductive activities, production management including assembling or constant changes in project specification made by customer?


Project production is generally characterized as complex activity with certain consequence in beforehand determined time with defined costs. Output of project production is often affected by delays in the completion. These delays are usually very expensive due to penalties arising from contract conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid potential complication of project production.


The specific requirements of the project production can be solved through correct implementation of our software solution that enables the optimization of internal processes in terms of processing orders. You will also be able to save considerable costs due to the introduction of automated production processes and the integration of specialized systems.


In production processes, namely the processes of discrete production control and management of your projects, we are able to deploy a system of detailed project planning. We can provide you a view to planning projects according to the set criteria, we are able to immediately respond to possible changes or inserting urgent orders necessary for your project. Our solution will be able to realistically imagine your current project, compared to the original plan and so have the possibility to react flexibly to the current circumstances and changes.


We can help you follow standards effectively, manage logistics processes, monitor product quality continuously and optimize your costs. Our solution includes the management of purchasing, sales, production, quality control, tradability and more.


Thanks to our experience we understand the requirements that you must consider in your decision. Our solution adheres to the standards EN 9100, EN 9110, EN 9020, ISO 9001 and ISO 14 000.




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